tefano Pasini


In April 2010, after the brakes were repaired, the gearbox failed

The specialists at Gordini garage will repair it

Marco Gordini knows the 727 inside and out

Following mr Brian Marelli's indications, the gearbox was removed from the inside of the car. A good chance to take a look at the floor of my 409.

As the gearbox was out of the car, it was a good moment to take a look at the original starter motor (left) with the idea of replacing it with a new 'mini-starter'. The one that I bought, on the right, obviously was not the right one. I'm looking for the right thing


The clutch discs failed: here's the old ones

Inside the huge bell housing. Reassembly is beginning (wednesday 26th May 2010)

The 727 is now inside the 409, ready to be mated again to the engine (May 2010)