Stefano Pasini






The two stainless steel mufflers fitted on my 409 were still good, but they had been dented and didn't 'sound' very well. I asked mr. Bartoli, famed manufacturer of custom exhaust systems for Lamborghini, Ferrari and the like, to design, build and fit a pair of new silencers

The original silencers were around 78 cm long and quite 'thick'. When removed, mr Bartoli showed me that they were 'interrupted', so to speak, by a thick wall placed in the front half of the silencer to force the exhaust fumes to pass on the side chambers of this system. While this is good for maximum sound-deadening, this does not allow a rapid exit of the exhaust fumes and very probably causes lots of back pressure. Bartoli, on the other hand, makes its silencers around a thick straight S/S pipe for the best possible flow. In the pic above, the new mufflers are waiting to be checked for size on the car before the final welding

Mr Bartoli made the mufflers a little shorter (70 cm) and slimmer than the old ones. He fits in all his silencers this nut that allows an easy access to the inner chamber to allow to remove or add more insulating material to get the 'sound' preferred by the customer

This is how the Bartoli exhausts look on the 409 (25 July 2011). They look right and sound very nice, being slightly more audible than the old ones without being too rough

Bristol 409

4 September 2011: the LH exhaust manifold, that had developed a crack in the the second half of July, was replaced with a good-looking S/H one, and it was perfect. Today it developed this nasty crack in a position very close to the stud where the first manifold ruptured.....

....but a good S/H one was supplied once again by ACCS and this time a supporting bracket was fitted and a flexible hose added for good measure (9 September)

The rear R/H exhaust 'hanger' broke too, but this was easy to fix with a new spare (10 September 2011)