Stefano Pasini



5- Reassembling the body, interior


Out of the painting booth, 7355 gleams in its new livery of R-R Georgian Silver (ICI M151-6220) over R-R Midnight Blue (BASF L68B061).
The sight is frightening but at least the 'demolition' is finished, repairs have been completed and from now on things can only improve (26 January 2011)

A good example of the condition of some parts of the 409 before the refurbishment, and the type of work involved in the restoration, is this front RH sidelight. We tried to preserve the original parts wherever possible

The windscreen surround was hardened, partly cracked: see here . It has been replaced with a new rubber, supplied by Bristol Cars

The interior of the 409 is being refurbished as well, on the left the fabric on the sides and ceiling being cleaned, on the right the 'new' red leather parts being adapted to 7355 and the re-lacquered wood trimmings

Not a bad sight: the original red leather of #7315 restored and fitted in #7355 to replace the parts that had been previously re-upholstered in black

The side stripes, Pegasus and side pans have been reinstalled (left picture). A new parcel shelf was fabricated to replace the old one that was ruined by water; here it is being tried for size before fitting the two grilles, one for the speaker, one for the ventilating fan (9 February 2011)

The front seats have yet to be cleaned..... New Furflex lining has been installed around the side windows (16 February).

23 February: The beautiful indicators that Greg kindly sent me have been refurbished and new lamps holders fitted: they look very nice. The heated rear screen is back in place with a new parcel shelf


The driver's seat, now that it has been cleaned thoroughly and with new padding, is very nice. But what is the function of this metal 'loop' screwed on the top (outer part, door side) of each front seat?


The picture on the right shows how good it all looks now, especially if compared with what we found when I bought it....