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2- stripping the 409


 Bristol 409 restoration begins

22/09/2010: as the 409 will be without its engine for at least 2 months, I decided to have it stripped and repainted. This is the first phase, removing the side finishing strips

Bristol 409 door inside

The 409 has huge but light aluminum doors

This detail looked very rough and I wanted to figure out what was missing in this part of the rear door surround so we can try to fix it whilst the car is being resprayed.



I got this picture of the original arrangement of the rubber seal courtesy of Mike at BCL. It is clear that somebody cut the seal on my 409 and I shall replace my own with a new longer one.


The 409 is now being dismantled (15/10/2010) to see and evaluate the problems to the bodywork

Bristol 409 stripping

A noble effort by Andrea Bedosti: chemical paint removal. Long, messy, but it doesn't hurt the delicate aluminum panels

Bristol 409 stripping

The chemical stripper attacks the paint and 'lifts' it

Bristol 409 stripping

15 minutes later the paint layers can be removed

Bristol 409 stripping

The bare aluminum surfaces under the several coats of paint and primer (16/10/2010)

Bristol 409

Side windows are being carefully removed to assess the condition of the body panels

Monday October, 25: unavoidably, ugly corrosion areas appear in the 'usual' areas....

Bristol 409

Stripping goes on....

Hood and most of the left side stripped (November 3rd, 2010)

November 8th, 2010: stripping goes on

The doors and other moving panels are removed

My 409 was originally painted in 'M607' silver, but was very soon repainted dark grey (probably non-metallic, like a classic 'Battleship Grey'.) Both colours can be found under the coats of 'Royal Red' paint chosen by the late previous owner of my 409 during the gradual disassembly of the car

Bristol 409 restoration 

More horrors: the inner side of the hood and side pans show the paint detaching in sheets from its base

Bristol 409 restoration

Under the door hings, that had never been removed before, it is possible to see the original M607 Silver paint

Bristol 409 restoration

Windscreen removed: the rubber seals were hardened, cracked and now is the right moment to fit new ones (November 10th)

The rear parcel shelf (its underside is visible in the upper part of the picture) is ruined. Water has been passing through the hardened rubber seal of the rear screen and has made it rot. It will be replaced with a brand-new one

The area of the nice 'pockets' on the sides of the back seat is quite sound. The black leather will be removed and red leather installed to match the new interior

More evidence of the damage caused by water seeping inside from the old screen seal is visible around the tank filler tube (November 28th)

The 409 is almost completely stripped now (10 December 2010). In the background, 9 large parcels with a complete interior off a dismantled 409 and many other spares that will be fitted on 7355 during the reassembly. Thanks Neil!