Stefano Pasini


The history of the legendary EMT turntables


'Deutsche Perfektion' tells the story of Wilhelm Franz, the founder of EMT, and of his extraordinary record-playing machines, from 1941 to the end of the production of the audio equipment. Now the EMT brand is active again and manufactures excellent cartridges, but the legend of its classic equipment lives on because of the unsurpassed quality of its high-quality, cost-no-object turntables and cartridges. 

The text is centred on the history of the classic analogue record players: EMT 920-925, R80, R80S, 927, 930, 930st, 940, 950, 948, 938, plus the preamplifiers, cartridges, tonearms, notes on the production, location, tips for servicing, spares lists, addresses of the specialists, EMT-related Web sites, etc.

The book has been written by Stefano Pasini with the help of Hans-Michael Fabritius, one of the few real specialists in the rebuilding and servicing of classic EMT turntables.


Text in English, German and Italian, hardcover, cm. 25x17.5, 164 pages, 46 B&W pictures, production list of the 927 and 930 (starting from August 1961, 930 n.2122 and 927 n.6060), EMT equipment models listing, 930&927 spare parts list, etc. 


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