Stefano Pasini

Some interesting pictures


Stefano Pasini-James Bond

Thank you Werner!

Birrificio Lambrate Imperial Ghisa

Birrificio Lambrate: 'Imperial Ghisa'

Bologna, Chiesa di San Paolo Maggiore

La nostra parrocchia: San Paolo Maggiore, Bologna

Monumento a Francesco Baracca, Lugo

Monumento a Francesco Baracca, Lugo: una meraviglia

A selection of symbols



Godfather. Respect.

The real King of Cool

Another King of Cool looks good with Jacqueline Bisset on his Bonnie

Today's King of Cool: Harrison Ford on his XK

I like Triumphs

Triumphs are elegant....

Best-looking 356s

A great ad

Best motor racing ever, vol 1....

....vol 2...

...and vol 3

Dieseling excess

The best Ferrari ever

The old AGIP service station in Cortina

Looks funny

A well-lighted train in the snow is always romantic


McIntosh tuner and amp, TD124 turntable...1950s hifi at its best

Don't mess with our cars

Every writer shares Snoopy's opinion


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