Stefano Pasini

Some interesting pictures


Stefano Pasini-James Bond

Thank you Werner!

Birrificio Lambrate Imperial Ghisa

Birrificio Lambrate: 'Imperial Ghisa'

Bologna, Chiesa di San Paolo Maggiore

La nostra parrocchia: San Paolo Maggiore, Bologna

Monumento a Francesco Baracca, Lugo

Monumento a Francesco Baracca, Lugo: una meraviglia

A selection of symbols



Godfather. Respect.

The real King of Cool

Another King of Cool looks good with Jacqueline Bisset on his Bonnie

Today's King of Cool: Harrison Ford on his XK

I like Triumphs

Triumphs are elegant....

Best-looking 356s

A great ad

Best motor racing ever, vol 1....

....vol 2...

...vol 3...

...and vol 4


we hope not :-(((
All of us have been that boy

Dieseling excess

The best Ferrari ever

The old AGIP service station in Cortina

Erik Carlsson not happy, his Saab being on its roof

An Henschel stromlinienlok on a paved street looks weird indeed....

A well-lighted train in the snow is always romantic


McIntosh tuner and amp, TD124 turntable...1950s hifi at its best

Don't mess with our cars


We ARE Old School

Every writer shares Snoopy's opinion

Adolf Galland and friends

Later friends of Adolf Galland

U.S. Navy

Regia Marina, Littorio

Me 262 defending the Reich

Radical solutions

A great road

The best gentleman's watch, chapt.1

The best gentleman's watch, chapt. 2


Peace in Slovenia

Peace in Tyrol

Peace in Veneto

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