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The Chinese 'Yaquin' brand builds some excellent tube amps.

I've bought myself this MS-6V6 headphone amplifier and I like it a lot

Di fronte

Front view

Nuove valvole Retubed


Remote control

Da sopra

Top View

La 'gabbia' installata The 'cage', installed

Il manuale

Owner's manual

Ho acquistato il mio MS-6V6 a Hong Kong da Apple17,

e ne sono stato contento: buon prezzo, spedizione veloce, ottimo imballo

I was happy to buy this Yaquin amp

from Apple 17 in Hong Kong. Good prices, courteous and a nice sturdy packing

This amp uses 4 6v6, 2 12AX7 and 1 12AT7 tubes. Any suggestion about the Western tubes I could buy to replace its original Chinese tubes? E-mail me if you wish....


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