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FIVA 2018

I did need to pass the FIVA certification for the 403, if only because most classic cars organization consider a FIVA pass essential to enter the car in their events

Friday 16 March 2018

Starting from the Gordini garage, after Marco at last found the source of the spraying of cooling liquid all around the engine bay that was a slight nuisance during the last trip. It was the radiator tap, apparently OK but leaking under pressure..... after this was cured, we left for Bergamo, the first leg of this trip

The first leg of our journey was Bologna- Brusaporto. Here the savvy gourmet can find one of the best restaurants in Italy, the three-stars 'Da Vittorio'. Founded and managed by the Cerea family, it a real three-stars, not a 'pretend' one like some other establishments awarded (wrongly) with the same rating. The Friday trip was excellent and the sunset was very nice

The entrance to the Vittorio restaurant and its 'Relais Chateaux' hotel, an excellent place to spend the night as well

When parked in her natural spot in front of the entrance of 'Vittorio' the 403 looks really nice

A beautiful scenery

That's what we could see from the balcony of our exquisitely furnished room

An all-stars pics: Francesco Cerea, the chief operative officer of the family, with the extraordinary chef Nino Di Costanzo from Ischia, offering to Anna a superb 'mozzarella in carrozza'

A squadron of Neapolitan chefs for the 'Serata Napoletana' that was staged Friday 16 March at Cerea's 'La Cantalupa', sister place of 'Da Vittorio'

A dish like this is worth the 400-miles trip and more.... 'Spaghetti di filetto di Ventresca di Tonno with Bagna Cauda' is one the best things I've EVER tasted. Extraordinary!

An elegant shrimp and foie gras combination

A superb Risotto with shrimps...

...and an equally stunning 'Fritto Misto'

Outside, a huge bonfire warms up people taking some air or smoking a cigar

Vittorio's bar: fascinating, for a gin and Martini lover

The parking at Vittorio is like this....a stunning 599

Saturday 17 March

That's what they call a breakfast buffet at Vittorio....


The 403 drives very well, the only glitch is that the 403 still runs very cold, between 55C and 60C on the highway during a rainy but not particularly cold day while keeping the 403's natural cruising speed of 70-80 mph. Oil pressure is a healthy 30 lb/sq.ft when idling with the engine oil temperature never going over 75C (above, left) whilst it rises to 60 lb/sq.ft when the 403 cruises at 3.000 rpm. Yes, God bless the overdrive....

The 403 in the yard of the 'Museo Nicolis' before the FIVA examination. This is a great Museum, Silvia Nicolis manages it with style and passion. You MUST visit it!

Having passed the FIVA examination the 403, like all the other cars, is pushed out the Museum, her engine off for obvious reasons

In a beautiful villa on the Garda Lake, pity about the rainy day....


The Bologna-Bergamo-Villafranca- Lazise trip was slightly less than 400 miles long. Fuel consumption remained around 10 litres/100 kms; oil consumption was negligible

P.S.: Sunday 19 March 2018

Monday morning we had snow in Bologna

Night flying

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