Stefano Pasini





Most of the pictures that you see on my site are taken with a Leica C-Lux 2 whilst others (especially some close-ups, like the one of the lamp in the back of the instrument panel) are made with a  Leica D-Lux 2 (bigger than the C-Lux 2 but has a slightly better quality: Anna loves this Leica). Both have aspherical Vario-Elmarit lenses, of course. I try to avoid the use of flash putting the Leicas on an ancient Linhof tripod with a Leitz head instead. I work with medium-weight resolution (3248x2160, 72-300dpi) and resize them to 1200x800 for Web use and e-mail attachments.

When I need to use a longer lens or make a real macro I use a Nikon D2X with either its dedicated  18-105 DX zoom or some of my old Nikkor lenses like the 120 mm Medical or the 105 Micro-Nikkor. Sadly I'm getting old, so whilst 20 years ago I was happy to go on with a bag full of Hasselblads or Nikon Fs, now the weight of the D2X puts me off a bit and I use it only for the high-definition shots that have to be printed in a magazine; in this case in shot at 4288x2848 resolution and a hi-def lens like the old 105mm Micro-Nikkor on the D2X.

Some older pictures of the site, especially those of some audio equipment, were taken either with the first digital camera I bought around 12-13 yrs ago (Canon 600) or with a Canon that I bought immediately afterwards. The digital Leicas were a huge leap forward in terms of quality over those first low-def Canons.

The quality of today's digital cameras means that I use only very rarely my old Hasselblad 500 EL-M and my other film cameras (Leicas and Nikons); all of them are safely stored away in their bags as collector's items.