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GOODWOOD GRRC Meeting 2015

Lord March has done it again..... the GRRC Meeting is thought to be as the original Festival of Speed had to be, a gathering of good car-loving friends without too much hassle. Well, the FoS and the Revival are now world-class successes but the price of this triumph is the number of people that get in. The Goodwood Road Racing Club, being a closed-number association, is by definition quite exclusive and its annual meeting, brilliantly engineered by Lord March, an incredible success. Anna and I enjoyed it so much in 2014 that we couldn't resist the temptation to partecipate in 2015 as well.....

After a terribly longand tiresome Bologna-London flight, Friday evening, Saturday morning you really need a rich breakfast. It will prepare you to adjust to some surprising sights in the parking lot.....

Le Mans, 1959, in the open parking lot of the GRRC Meeting

You can't help smiling....

Saturday evening the lights in the paddock and in the boxes gave Goodwood a magical aura. So many extraordinary cars all lined up almost casually, as it were normal for every GRRC member to have cars of this class close by. The style of the event is impeccable: it could only be done in England, and probably only by Lord March

Unfortunately this time I was bitterly disappointed by two of my (once) favourite places for a classic Martini cocktail in UK, the Kennels in Goodwood (above) and, even more sadly, the Dukes' in London.



The Bologna-London-Goodwood-London-Bologna trip is not cheap nor easy, even if you book weel in advance your BA Business flight tickets will set you back Euro 700-900 and 300 was what we spent renting an Audi A3 from AVIS. Then we have the hotel in Arundel, dinner at Kennels (expensive) and many other spending voices. But it was worth it, as at the annual GRRC Meeting, now obviously an established tradition, you will really find 'The right Crowd, and no Crowding....'

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