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The earthquakes that have hit so hard Emilia-Romagna in May 2012 shocked us all a bit, so Anna and I welcomed the opportunity to stay away from Bologna week-end: Forte dei Marmi is one of our favourite places on Earth and good for relaxing

One thing that I really love about a place like Anna's house in Forte is that I can wash my Bristol there. I was waiting for this moment since weeks; a very busy April-May schedule forbade me this pleasure until Saturday 9th June. The real washing was done in the shade of a large palm tree, here the 409 is being dried

Washing your classic car is, just like owning a Bristol, a very private pleasure. Real enthusiasts relish this process and put plenty of time in it; choosing the right tools for the wash and detailing, sponges, leather etc, is another special treat

Looks like a Tropical setting....


The Bologna-Forte dei Marmi-Bologna trip was 450 kms (275 miles) long. I was eager to test the newly installed oil cooler and Selectaride dampers; everything went very well, the fuel consumption is now stabilized around 7-7,5 km/litre or 16,5 mpg, like during our trip to Goodwood in 2011. I checked the oil and water levels every morning and they never needed to be topped up.

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