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August 18th, 2010. The trunk of the 409 swallows 3 large trolleys, a soft Burberry bag, several toolboxes and spare parts, 2 boxes of spares for friends in Britain, several bottles of Spumante, jackets, umbrellas, and it still doesn't look full! But on the highway from Milano to the Swiss-Italian borders the overheating problems of the V8 were worse than ever....

The 409 arrived in great shape in Sankt Moritz. We always stay at the wonderful Badrutt's Palace; the Bristol looked just right parked in front of this grand old luxurious hotel 

Anna greets us from the rear quarter light of the 409 parked in front of the exceptional 'Auberge de l'Ill', in the beautiful village of Illhaeusern, one the best restaurants in Europe. Their foie gras is unsurpassable and the service absolutely impeccable....


Anna and I like to eat at the 'Auberge' when we drive through Alsace and love to stay for the night at the charming 'Hotel des Berges', that is part of the same elegant complex on the shores of the river Ill

The morning after that memorable dinner, Marco and I perform a pit stop to fuel the 409, check the tires and get ready for the run to London

Thursday 19 August, at 1,30 p.m., the engine broke. We were about to enter the Meuse Department


The inspiration of René Magritte is evident in this striking picture of the stranded 409 taken by Marco while we waited for the recovery truck  


We loaded the 409 on this truck to have her sheltered until another truck will take her back to Italy

The end of our trip and also of our plans for the Bristols-to-Bristol run


Once we arrived in Paris, we treated ouselves to a couple of nice strong Martinis at the magnificent (and aptly named) Bristol Hotel . It will be much better in 2011....



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