Stefano Pasini

A Christmas Tale


 Bologna, 23 december 2007, the Inde Café


 “I’ve got only one hour for a quick Martini before taking a train back home, my friend” Audiophile A said, sitting at a table of the fashionable bar. “But I really wanted to meet you again.”

“I’m always happy to see you, my friend” Audiophile B replied. “It’s almost two years since we last met.”

“Your site about EMT is awesome, old chap” Audiophile A said briskly, as the waiter put on the small square table between him and his old friend two large cocktail glasses filled to the brim with crystal-clear,  freezing-cold liquid. The 'Pasini Express': 50 parts Absolut 'Red' 50°C vodka, 1 part extra Dry Martini Vermouth, no lemon whatsoever, served below zero °C in a jumbo Martini glass with a large Castel Madama olive. The dryest, strongest Martini cocktail on Earth.

“Thank you, my friend. It’s over 235 pages now, all devoted to EMT.”

“Two hundred thirty-five pages! Brilliant! You must find lots of good deals online, I bet.”

“Mostly I receive e-mails from EMT owners around the world who are in trouble and ask for help. If I can, I help them.”

‘Well, at least you’ll enjoy some good relations with the owners of EMT. I gather that they must like the publicity you do since years to their products .”

“Uhm, well…I don't think so. When I sent some e-mails asking for pictures and financial data, they didn’t even bother to answer.”

“You must be joking." Audiophile A flashed a wicked grin towards his old pal.

“Not at all. They won’t even sell me directly a TSD 15 from the factory. They stiffed me.... they told me I’d have to buy it from their distributor in Italy.”

Audiophile A was genuinely amused. “So the EMT management don’t care if you’re alive or dead?”

“They didn’t even send me an e-mail greeting card for Christmas.”

“And you still go on praising their products?”

“It’s not their products, my friend” Audiophile B replied, but he wasn’t smiling anymore. “I’m praising the products made by EMT, that’s all. I’m an enthusiast, you know.”

“Nobody would tell the difference between ‘new’ and ‘old’ EMT equipment browsing your site, my old boy. Actually, you’re praising also products they are remanufacturing today….they’re not the same thing, in my opinion.”

“I know.”

“But you enjoy the contact with fellow EMT enthusiasts, I’m sure.”

“It used to be a nice relationship, we were all old-fashioned gentlemen until a few years ago” Audiophile B mumbled. “Then, suddenly, it went all week ago an American EMT dealer, a guy named Jonathan, completely unknown to me, attacked me on a public forum because I didn’t want to say that the new EMT cartridges are as good as the old one….quite rude. This kind of behaviour was unknown when we were only a few collectors rescuing battered EMTs from the scrap heap....machines junked by studios switching to digital!”

 Audiophile A sneered, downing the last drops of his Martini. “So here we are….! You must understand the lesson. Stop working to promote a brand owned and sold by people who don’t care for you. Grow up, at long last! We have a number of nice golf tournaments to play next spring, you have a new Porsche book to write, your surgery practice, and so on….Well” he added, throwing a glance at his Rolex, “too bad it’s quite late now to continue this nice meeting. Thanks for the Martini, the 'Pasini Express' will always remain my favourite. But think again to my advice! Grow up!” and disappeared, laughing heartily, in the fog of a very damp Bologna evening.

Audiophile B remained at the table for a few more seconds. Without being asked, the waiter brought him the usual additional half glass of ‘Express’. He felt sad; the harsh, all too realistic words of his old friend had made him think at the time and energy that he had spent on his site for the last 5 years, and the result had been....nothing. He began to understand that after all these years, he had no real reason to continue in his efforts. 

Suddenly Audiophile B felt alone, defeated. And so he stood up, walked slowly home, turned on the PC and, with a few painful clicks, closed his EMT site.


A quick follow-up note. Mr Jules Limon of EMT was very nice to me after they read this article and understood my point. The American EMT distributor who treated me so rudely didn't think of offering a real apology (like too many Americans focusing only on money, he doesn't even understand when he's gratuituously rude).

Following the contacts with mr Limon,  I decided to re-open the EMT part of my site for the benefit of thousands of enthusiasts who enjoy it, many of whom were first introduced to the quality of EMT turntables by my modest pages. But the damage, somehow, has been done, so I've updated the site very rarely after this unpleasing episode. I hope that you will understand me.



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