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1979/80 'Black Engine' Cota 247

Montesa Cota 247

The Cota, in its 247-348 permutations, was 'the' trials bike to have in the '70s. I lost my pristine 1973 silver-frame 247 to thieves many years ago, so I've decided to buy one again. Mr Bedosti and Mimmo will have a lot to do to restore this rough 247 to its former glory, but at least it has its papers and a number plate....and it's one the very last 247s built before they stopped the production of this legendary model (in 1980 they introduced the 248, that's why this very late 247 has a black engine):

Montesa Cota 247

Mimmo tries the 247. It starts but the noise of the engine is horrible.The bearings are shot

Montesa 247 black engine (1981)

Black engine, 348-style carter, chassis and engine numbers matching, '21M27***', bike first registered in June 1981: an unusual Cota 247. Anyone knows what this strange bike is? I need to find the right engine spares to rebuild the bottom end. Ok, it is a very short-stroke engine.....:-)))))

A very interesting black block with a very damaged crank.....We will rebuild this 247 as this must be a rare bike

Montesa Cota 247

The original number plate had been badly damaged.....

.... and it has been beautifully restored by Andrea Bedosti

The original brochure of the Cota family around 1978-80: 50, 74, 123, 247, 348 (from '')

1977 Cota 247

Montesa Cota 247

My beautiful 1978 Cota 247, almost completely original to its now very rare plastic mudguards. A little jewel, complete and working. It made me fall in love once again with Montesas

1977 Cota 348 Malcolm Rathmell Replica

Montesa 348 Malcolm Rathmell Replica

I found this early 348 Malcolm Rathmell Replica and bought it on the spot, it was one of the greatest trial bikes of its time and much more professionally-developed than previous Cotas

Montesa 348 Malcolm Rathmell Replica

If you have any Montesa 247/348 spare parts for sale, please let me know, I'd probably buy them!

And I'll buy also any interresting Cota 247/348, especially an early one, a Ulf Karson, Romallo, whatever.... pls email me

An abridged history of Montesa?

Montesa Book

An interesting book, though it is sold out by now


Do you need any spare part for your classic Montesa? You will probably find it here:





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