Stefano Pasini

World radio receivers from my collection


Sony ICF-SW7600 (1990)


 I love radios, tuners, receivers, Ballempfngers and all type of equipment designed to receive the magic of radio waves. As I am especially fond of Sony products I had to buy one of their radios; this ICF-SW7600, despite being 30 years old, is still a nice compact world receiver


A very detailed story of the 7600 series can be found here....


Sony ICF-SW7600G (1994)

The ICF-7600G is a much improved version of the 7600

The single letter 'G' makes a lot difference here

Lots of controls, inputs and outputs; a more rational layout than the 7600's

Sony ICF-SW77 (1991)

The Big Brother of the ICF-7600 and 7600G: bigger, better
Sony ICF-SW77

Eeven more controls and possibilities (and a better display) than the 7600G
Sony ICF-SW77

The back shows the usual supports and serial number. Mine is an early example
Sony ICF-SW77 Sony ICF-SW77

The ICF-SW77 is rich in inputs and outputs, all very easy to use

The top panel offers more controls

Sangean ATS-909X (2019)

A very nice modern world receiver. The ATS-909X is solid, well-built and easy to use

A bright, well-lit display is very useful and so is the stereo/RDS-EON facility. Aficionados of obscure SW radio stations will easily recognize this frequency....


A very detailed review of the ATS-909X series is here


The uncluttered back of the Sangean, with its desk support and the access to the four AA rechargeable batteries. A definite plus of the ATS-909X is the inbuilt recharging facility

Sangean ATS 818 (1993)

I love my Sangean ATS 818. Big, sturdy, easy to operate....I'd only complain about its lack of RDS

Xhdata D-808 (2018)

It looks quite compact among my world receivers, but still a very useful radio with a bright, well-lit display. Its stereo/RDS-EON facility is welcome; the D-808 offers also an antenna signal meter, an alarm, a thermometer. It sounds quite well too, but obviously it's not so sensitive in extreme AM conditions

Tecsun PL-310ET (2016)
Tecsun PL310

The smallest, lightest and cheapest of my world radio receivers is also one of the most surprising: the PL-310ET offers a great sensitivty and lots of features in a very compact package. It's really inexpensive and Tecsun gives you also a very handy AM antenna. Its batteries can be recharged via a 5V USB charger, another very handy feature

Where this began: Grundig Satellit 2000 (1973-1975)
Grundig Satellit 2000

I was given 2 Satellit 2000 by a friend many years ago. They didn't work and they are prehistoric by today standards but they are fascinating and made fall in love with old high-end radio receivers once again. I still own both of them