Stefano Pasini




6- Machining, reassembling & Tune-up



Having assessed the damage, it was necessary to order the parts needed for the rebuilding

01/10/2010: some good news. The cranshaft is good enough, and so seem to be the conrods; later we'll find that one rod had actually overheated so badly that we had to fit a new pair

8/11/2010: Andrea Gordini checks the camshaft. The spares were delivered to Gordini garage. It looks like Falcon Sales really did a superb job in assembling everything that will be required for the rebuild

07/02/2011: after a long pause, rebuild resumes. Rods and pistons have been installed on the machined crankshaft

The engine bay had some rough spots, especially where some brake fluid had corroded the paint. It has been repainted: here we have a classic 'before' (L) and 'after' (R) shot.  The hefty wooden bar supports the gearbox/torque converter unit while the engine is out of the car

On the left, the crudely painted 'SER.N.5' that is probably a progressive number for the body, preserved 'as is'. The new chassis number plate looks nice; the car covered whilst the engine is completed (2 March)

4 March: the Gordini brothers work to put the rebuilt V8 back in the engine bay of my 409

The 409 has always listed on the driver's side since I bought it. With the car lifted and no exhausts it was easy to see that the adjustment screw of the right bar had been fully turned in, as if to compensate a lesser tension in its torsion bar. (On the left, the situation in date 16 March). Gordini tuned one 'tooth' of the right bar (picture on the right, 22 March) so with the screws turned equally on both sides, the car is level

The good ole 318 Poly back into the car (14 March 2011)

The electronic distributor

16 March: the 318 lives again!

(click on the picture to download the 17Mb file from Rapidshare)