Stefano Pasini


Variations on the EMT 930/940 theme




This blue EMT 930st built to special order for a customer...very pretty

Yellow EMT 930st built to special order for the ORF

'Wide' EMT 930st built to special order by Ortofon (possibly for Supraphon?)

Assorted machines of a Northern European collector

EMT 930st with metal plinth built to special order

'Gotham' label will resuscitate many happy memories....

The special wooden plinth for the EMT 930st

EMT 940

An early NRU 930

A splendid EMT 930st in its EMT metal plinth

Why the handles? Otherwise this late EMT 930st seems stock

Ripe old 'interim' 930st (old chassis, new 929 tonearm)

Natural habitat: two 930sts in their massive studio console

Very early mono EMT 930. No controls, no light, Ortofon arm, no RIAA

No EMT logos are visible on this 930st

An original all-metal wheeled trolley with seismic base for the EMT 930st

Nice assortment, buddy....

Early, clean 930st

Custom-built wheeled trolley

Sad-looking early NRU machine

A pretty early 940 fitted with an Ortofon arm

Another 940

If you have other pictures of EMT machines, please e-mail me!



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