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Ing. Alfred Bokrand built a custom-made 16" tonearm for my Carrson project


Alfred Bokrand's custom-made tonearms

The basis was a Thorens TP-14 bearing that Ing Bokrand overhauled and improved to make it at least as good as a EMT 997's. After this first tricky part of the job, Ing. Bokrand fitted a 16" long tube and, upon my request, a EMT/Neumann style headshell connector. (As I use only EMT cartridges, any other shell is superfluous). Please note the custom-made counterweight and the lateral weight, exactly as in a 997

Alfred Bokrand's custom-made tonearms

The preferred basis for Bokrand's exclusive 'custom' tonearms is a classic bearing like an Ortofon, a Thorens or a EMT. I liked the idea of sending him a Thorens TP-14 and have it overhauled and perfected as if it was an EMT; a tribute to the engineering quality of the noble Swiss brand. The quality of Ing Bokrand's craftsmanship is exquisite in every detail

Alfred Bokrand's custom-made tonearms

Yes, it's 406 mm long from bearing centre to the stylus....and ready now to be fitted on my Carrson!

You can contact Ing. Bokrand to the address

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