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 Le copie dei migliori giradischi del mondo: i 'cloni' degli EMT

Some copies of the best turntables in the world: EMT 'clones'

This Christmas 1974 Greeting Card explains the philosophy of EMT

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La fortuna commerciale della EMT, ai tempi d'oro, spinse molti altri fabbricanti a proporre prodotti di altissimo livello, indirizzandoli principalmente alle proprie stazioni radiofoniche nazionali: così fecero dunque Bourdereau, Clément (Francia), Garrard (UK), Denon e Sony (Giappone), Carson (Italia). Alcuni di questi, come il Denon DP100M, il Sony PS-X9, il  Telefunken PS81 e l'AEG TRS9000, erano degni rivali degli EMT. In alcuni Paesi si fabbricarono invece vere e proprie copie, quasi 'cloni' degli EMT, come il VEB illustrato qui sotto o le copie dei 930 che secondo alcuni sarebbero stati fabbricati in India negli anni '70....chi avesse informazioni su queste o altre copie mi mandi per favore una e-mail!

The commercial success of EMT convinced many other firms that there was good money to earn in the manufacturing of high-level professional turntables for the top broacasting stations. Some of them did their best to design excellent machines with a very 'personal' feel: the best results were achieved by Sony with its PS-X9, Denon with its DP100M, Telefunken (Italy) with the PS81 and AEG with the TRS9000. Other manufacturers, notably those of the 'other' side of the Iron Curtain, simply built machines that were simply clones of the EMT designs, trying to change the outside appearance. This is the case of the VEB shown below, and some say that clones of the 930 were built in India for several years....if anyone has any infor about EMT clones, please send me an e-mail!

P.S. The pictures of the VEB were kindly sent to me by a German collector who authorised their publication. If the owner of the rights on these pics has changed his mind and want the pics removed, please let me know....

VEB T146: giradischi professionale della DDR (1976)

VEB T146: professional DDR turntable (1976)

Veduta posteriore

Rear view



Costruzione approssimativa

Messy innards

La testina richiama Neumann e EMT

Tondose: looks a bit EMT, a bit Neumann

Uno sconosciuto....




Copia RUSSA del Thorens TD-125....

A RUSSIAN clone of the Thorens TD-125...

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