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I LOVE the Sony ES-Series...

Sony ES-Series
Sony ES-Series

A stunning line-up

Sony ES-Series

The ES-series has always been a superior ('ES' stands for 'Elevated Standards') family of Sony components, not as zany as the ESPRIT series but all made with great care

Sony ES-Series
Sony ES-Series
Sony ES-Series

The 630ESD is a strange machine, a powerful and very well built classic integrated amplifier with an added D/A converter to hook digital sources to it (bottom pic). It's a great amplifier, too bad that some welding problems make the converter less reliable than it ought to be....


I own several ES-series components, namely a 630ESD amp, a X222ES CD player, an S505ES FM tuner, a 59ES DAT deck.... they all show extremely good qualities, they sound well, have a nice interface, are very well built and even better designed (like one expects for any of Sony's best components) and today they can be bought for good prices

I'm looking for a K970ES
Sony E80ES+TA-N77ES
Converters, converters....
A splendid receiver
Usless now, but still splendid: the DSR 1000 ES satellite-radio receiver
Great Sony ES links:

Sony built also some excellent MC cartridges
Sony 'Altmark' Sony 'Altmark'
Sony VC 20 Sony VC 20
La mia preferita: XL 55Pro My favourite: the XL 55Pro
Ancora migliorata: XL 55ProII Even better: XL 55ProII



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